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Lecture 3.   Hawthorne experiments.  Human Relations movement


1.   The impact of the Hawthorne experiments is briefly summarised in
      Hawthorne experiments


2.   Much fuller accounts  of the individual experiments in the Hawthorne studies is given in
      (a) The Hawthorne Experiments: Management Takes a New Direction

      (b) Elton Mayo and the Hawthorne experiments


3.   An overall view of the conclusions of the study can be found in
      Mayo’s Hawthorne Experiments


4.   The Humans Relation movement is summarised in Human Relations Movement


5.   A fuller account, with criticisms, is given in
      The Human Relations Approach (c. 1929-1951)


6.   Four classic motivational theorists:

·        Maslow

·        Herzberg

·        McClelland

·        Vroom

     of  which Maslow and McGregor are the most important is given in
     Four classic motivation theories


7.   Often bracketed with Maslow and Herzberg is:

       Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y