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File DescriptionFilename
Hypothesis Testinghyp_test.doc
Hypothesis Testing-Exampleshyp_exam.doc
Worked Examination Paperex_2006.doc
Examination Revision Guiderevision.doc
Frequently Asked Questionsfaq.html
XLS5 Excel macros [6.0 Meg]
StatCat Excel macros [1.1 Meg]statcat.xls
Statistical Calculatorscalculate.htm
Survey using EXCEL + aboveinternet.doc
Survey using only WebStat+Wilcoxoninternet2.doc
Internet data fileinternet.txt
Internet data file with summariesinternet2.txt
Internet data file with textinternet3.txt
WebStat - Getting Startedwebstat.doc
WebStat - Help pageswebs_help.doc

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